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    15 Dec 2013
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    I want to address you all, and to inform us of hosting a forum highlights 2 March this year, and it is very close .
    Why are you saying this ?
    Because exyuteam does not have so many funds to maintain the domain name , hosting , servers , various licenses , vbuletina ...
    So we need donations to continue to work undisturbed and to increase the capacity of the disk extend the contract and continue to socialize .
    None of you are not required to disconnect himself from his pocket the last dinar or euro , but each of us is able to give up at least one beer , cola , cigarette boxes ...
    If only every member 5i I broke one euro would have the resources not only for hosting the forum already and many more like an enormous capacity to drive to the smooth ULed those larger files without having used various types rapidshare DL servers and others .
    Of course not everything could ask , but it would upload was at least twice as many on the forum .
    If you are for it to continue improving and introducing novelty for better and faster forum , I am on behalf of the entire exyuteam_a please help me to accomplish what I wrote .
    Donations are not required , and donors do not receive any privileges , but helps to keep the forum in life , and to you to decide whether or not donirati.takođe is up to you to evaluate your own financial ability and decide for yourself whether you are able to help or not .
    And finally, to add and repeat once more .
    If someone does not donate does not mean that he will be denied anything , if you donate also does not mean that you get any privilege , because all remain equal, a donation is voluntary and only you can decide whether or not a donation .
    The amount of the donation is totally irrelevant because every penny is welcome especially because of the commercials do not even have one dinar , and the whole year of Google have not yet succeeded in agenda until the quota of 100 usd , so we can not count on a single dollar from google because obviously that a few of those who viewed an ad to help forum .
    The choice is yours .
    greetings on behalf of the entire team of me
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    If you are interested to donate, please contact the forum administrator. Thank you
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